Who Am I?

Name is Nick. I’m 24 and a bit of a loser if you ask me. Work at a church for nearly minimum wage, trying to go to school and start a career, and as of writing this, I will soon be moving out of home and living with my girlfriend in a studio-apartment-guest-house thing. I used to be extremely interested in computers and passionately aspired to be a software engineer, but after 10 or so years of failing at that, my passion has begun to wane. I regularly take on new interests only to fail and move on to another; as a result, I’m little pessimistic about the success of this blog.

I’ll consider it a success if I just keep posting.

I’m not well educated at all, and have recently discovered that if I’m going to be honest with myself I hold very few positions on any important topics. So far, I am an atheist and I support gay rights. Other than that, I’m still learning and am actually quite excited about it.

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