The old study schedule idea…

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

…didn’t happen.

If my past has been any indication, it really isn’t much of a surprise.

The good news, however, is that I’ve still learned a hell of lot and I still have 1 month before classes start to prepare for my classes. That is right, classes. Plural, as in more than one. I’m still one unit short of full time, but I think it is just as good. I’m taking: Calculus I/Analytical Geometry, Political Science: American Government, and Philosophy 101.

I’ve purchased some books to help me prepare a little.


Political Science:

  • Sparknotes 101: Political Science
  • Sparknotes 101: American Government

Calculus I:

  • How to Ace Calculus
  • Super Review: Algebra and Trigonometry

I haven’t gotten anything for the philosophy class because, quite frankly I’m not sure I need to. Not because I think I already know enough, but because I’ve always expected philosophy classes to be more participatory and less intellectually rigorous. I’m really looking forward to it though.



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